What Cigars are Good For Beginners

Where to start exploring the world of cigars? This article provides a series of simple guides for beginners, from picking the right cigar to lighting and tasting, each step is explained in detail, to help you easily start this unique experience journey.


To start smoking cigars as a beginner, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Cigar: Opt for a smaller or milder cigar which is more manageable and less overwhelming for beginners.
  2. Preparing the Cigar: Cut the pointy end off (usually the cap) using a proper cigar cutter to avoid tearing the wrapper.
  3. Lighting the Cigar: Use a torch lighter for an even burn, and rotate the cigar as you light it to ensure the end is uniformly lit.
  4. Smoking the Cigar: Draw the smoke into your mouth but do not inhale. Allow the smoke to linger momentarily in your mouth to taste its full flavor before exhaling.
  5. Enjoy the Experience: Take your time with the cigar, allowing it to burn slowly and coolly. This helps to appreciate its flavors and prevents the cigar from burning too hot, which can alter the taste.
How long do cigars last without a humidor


  1. Start with Mild Strength: Beginners are generally advised to start with milder cigars. These are less intense and easier to enjoy as you get accustomed to the flavors and sensations of cigar smoking.
  2. Consider Size and Duration: Choose a smaller cigar if you are unsure about committing to a long smoking session. Smaller cigars require less time to smoke and can provide a complete experience without overwhelming a novice.
  3. Quality and Construction: Opt for handmade cigars, which are typically of higher quality than machine-made alternatives. Handmade cigars offer better flavor and are made with whole tobacco leaves, which contribute to a smoother smoking experience.
  4. Get Expert Advice: When visiting a cigar shop, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Store staff are usually knowledgeable and can help guide you based on your preferences and the occasion for which you are buying the cigar.
  5. Learn the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the different shapes, sizes, and types of cigars. This will help you make an informed decision and enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of cigar smoking.
2.Short filler and long filler Cigar


Beginners are usually recommended to start with mild cigars. These have a lighter, more approachable flavor and are less likely to overwhelm your palate. Mild cigars are easier to handle and help you get accustomed to the smoking experience without the harshness that can come from stronger cigars


Robusto Size: This is highly recommended for beginners due to its manageable size and relatively short smoking duration.

How long do cigars last without a humidor

Corona Size: Another good choice for beginners is the Corona, which is slightly longer than a Robusto but still offers a manageable smoke.


For beginners, it’s advisable to start with a medium ring gauge, which offers a balance between flavor and ease of smoking. Ring gauges between 46 and 54 are generally manageable and provide a good introduction to the various flavors that cigars have to offer.


Connecticut Shade Wrapper: This is perhaps the most recommended wrapper for beginners due to its mild flavor profile. Connecticut shade wrappers are typically light in color and provide a smooth, creamy smoke that isn’t overpowering.

Cut a Cigar

Maduro Wrapper: Although typically richer and sweeter than lighter wrappers, Maduro wrappers can also be a good choice for beginners who are interested in experiencing a bit more body without overwhelming strength.

Claro Wrapper: This is another light-colored wrapper, similar to the Connecticut shade but often even lighter and milder. Claro wrappers are known for their smooth and mild flavors, which make them perfect for those new to cigars and looking for an easy, pleasant smoke.


I recommended that beginners start with cigars priced between $5 and $10 each. This range is cost-effective and includes many quality options that are suitable for learning about different flavors and strengths without a significant financial commitment.

hold a Cigar


Arturo Fuente: Known for its smooth and medium-bodied cigars, Arturo Fuente offers a variety of options that are great for beginners. The Gran Reserva line, in particular, is celebrated for its balanced flavor and consistent quality.

Macanudo Café: Especially the Hyde Park variant, is another excellent choice for beginners. These cigars are mild, well-constructed, and offer a pleasant smoking experience without being overpowering.

Romeo y Julieta: Particularly the Romeo y Julieta Petit Corona, is renowned for its mild flavor and smooth smoke, making it a perfect starter cigar.

Montecristo: The Montecristo Open Junior is another good option for beginners, offering a lighter strength but full of flavor, which helps new smokers develop their palate.


Country of Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Honduras

Binder: Connecticut

Filler: Honduras / Nicaragua

Length: 6

Ring: 54

Strength: Mellow – Medium

Smoke Time: 45-60 minutes


Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Length: 5

Ring: 50

Strength: Mellow – Medium

Smoke Time: 60 minutes

In conclusion, cigar smoking is a complex and ritualistic enjoyment, suitable for beginners to start from the basics and take their time to learn and experience. Choosing the right cigar, mastering proper lighting and smoking techniques, and enjoying the flavors and experiences throughout the process are all key to successful smoking. With time, you will become more aware of your preferences and gradually explore more in-depth knowledge and enjoyment.

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